We strive to give our clients the best experience possible. Not only a fun time, but a great learning experience as well. If you have any hesitations, please contact us.

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience I had in Colorado last week!! I’ve done quite a few photography workshops over many years and working with David and Jennifer in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado was truly a pleasure. The chosen locations included both the iconic photos as well as back road locations for a more intimate experience. We had some long days with sunrise and sunset shoots but we all had a great time. Your attention to detail, generosity and well planned itinerary all contributed to a photo workshop experience that was not only great fun but resulted in some potentially great photos. I wish I could give you some constructive criticism but I can’t because I enjoyed it all. Take care and thank you both for all that you did to insure we got great photos and had a memorable experience. Loved the chocolate chip cookies!
— David (Colorado Fall Colors 2017)
David & Jennifer, your 2017 Ridgway Colorado workshop was exceptional. You exceeded all of my expectations and I could not have had a better time! Your knowledge of the area and willingness to chase the best scenes for your clients was commendable. In a challenging Autumn color year you still provided us with exceptional sites to shoot. Your teaching styles and personalities are complimentary and both of you were patient, exceptionally knowledgeable and also accommodating to the various personalities of the group. It was very nice to see how you made beginner and advanced photographers comfortable. I can’t thank enough and I’m looking forward to attending future workshops.
— Alan (Colorado Fall Colors 2017)
In previous years, I attended several Fall Color workshops led by other leaders. This workshop was the best of all of them. David and Jennifer thoroughly researches, finds, and scouts good photographic venues. They visit them again the week before the scheduled workshop to determine which venues the color will be at its peak during the workshop. Then they adjust the schedule as necessary. During the workshops, we had the opportunity to photograph a wide variety of scenes. David and Jennifer were always very helpful to all of the workshop participants. They made sure we got the opportunity to take great photos and, when necessary, that we got the support we needed to do so correctly. I know everyone learned a lot.
— Jack (2017 Colorado Fall Colors)
The 2017 Slot Canyon workshop I attended with David and Jennifer was incredible! I’m a fairly type A New York surgeon - I wanted a rigorous learning experience “in the field” to take my amateur skills to the next level. With the time and effort to fly cross-country, I wasn’t looking for a vacation with roadside photo-ops. (I also have a Fuji X-T2 so David’s familiarity with Fuji was an additional factor for me)

David and Jennifer are thoughtful teachers and kind people. This starts with their preparation - they had scouted locations, considered the weather, and anticipated lighting/night sky conditions. During the workshop, they were completely focused on instructing us without taking any pictures of their own - we basically had 1on 1 instruction, and they patiently answered my many questions with precise practical answers. During my ridiculously long years of medical training, I’ve seen that poor teachers make simple concepts unnecessarily complex (perhaps out of their own ego) and that gifted teachers make complex concepts elegantly simple (perhaps out of humility and a joy in sharing what they love) – David and Jennifer are in the latter category. This was most apparent for night photography, an area where David is an innovator and master –he was gracious in sharing his knowledge, and it opened up a world of photography I never thought I’d be a part of. Obviously, any group workshop will have people at varying levels – they did a great job of tailoring the experience to each person so we’d all learn as much as possible.

Lastly and most importantly, above their exceptional qualities as photographers and communicators, David and Jennifer are good souls – calm in temperament, secure in identity, generous in spirit, all around great to be with – they truly put their students’ interest ahead of themselves, and others’ growth brings them happiness. It would bring me joy to see the Exploring Exposure workshops have continued success…leaving one slot for me of course!
— Harsha (2017 Grand Staircase-Escalante)
David and Jennifer were excellent teachers, they focused their attention on the students not on shooting their own photos which most other workshop leaders do based on my experience. They were very organized and did their research in advance so we were at all the best locations for sunrise/sunset. I also liked the small class size which was more intimate, made it easier for logistics and prevented conflict between participants which is common with larger groups. I highly recommend David and Jennifer and plan to take more workshops with them in the future.
— Ken (Colorado Fall Colors 2016)
One of the things I admire about David so much is that his success does not go to his head. At no point is there ever a moment where you feel some elitist attitude. David would regularly walk around and see what my wife and I were up to, offer suggestions, and help us with any problems we were having. I always like to ask what other photographers might be thinking, or looking for, when they approach a scene so that I can learn to see things in multiple ways.
— Bobby (Private Death Valley Tour 2017)
If you are looking for a unique and rewarding photo workshop David’s workshops are perfect for you. David went out of his way to find great shooting locations. There was plenty of time to scout out shots and David was always available to answer questions and give input he clearly put his clients first. He had really great knowledge and experience of the area which is key for a great workshop. I am looking forward to going out on another Exploring Exposure workshop.
— Renee (Extreme Death Valley 2016)
What a wonderful trip to Ice Lakes Basin! David helped plan the trip with several helpful emails ahead of time. Responses to questions were quick and helpful too. On the hike itself, he lead the way while Jennifer brought up the rear making sure we all stayed together as a group. On reaching the campsite, David walked around helping each of us pick out sites for our tents and lending a helping hand setting up tents. I didn’t acclimatize to the altitude very well and both David and Jennifer stayed extremely patient with me because I obviously was not feeling well or thinking clearly. Both of them helped me through my fog and helped me understand what makes good composition in certain situations - and sometimes the necessary tradeoffs to make a certain situation work. I also found it very helpful to watch them scout out a location and see how they worked a location to make something out of it.
— Ash (Ice Lakes Basin July 2016)
David is not only very passionate and knowledgable about landscape photography, but you can tell that he does his research and plans in advance to maximize the best of what an area has to offer. On our backpacking trip, he scouted out our campsite and the best places to photograph within reach of our basecamp a few days in advance of the trip, so that we can be in the right place at the right time.
— Damon (Ice Lakes Basin July 2016)
The Slot Canyon workshop I attended was well planned, communicated and executed from start-to-finish. The site locations provided for many opportunities to capture some great images. David’s personal attention to the group was excellent. I would attend another workshop and also recommend it to others who are looking for a great experience.
— Jim G (Slot Canyons April 2016)
David’s workshops provide a complete learning experience from the why’s and when’s of a particular photo location to suggestions on how to photograph it and finally the post-processing to maximize the entire experience. This is especially valuable for the photographer who wants to improve his or her skill level and who might have “plateaued” along the way.. David is a skilled photographer who has the teaching ability to bring it all together for a photographer interested in improving all skills from capture to processing. The research he puts in to provide excellent locations is outstanding.
— Doug (Slot Canyons April 2016, Arches May 2015, Tetons July 2014)
This is the second workshop that I attend under David’s leadership and it was a fantastic experience. I highly recommend taking another class with David as an alum because the perspective is completely different. David’s went above and beyond his duties when he climbed down a steep hill in the dark to retrieve my Canon 70-200 2.8 IS Lens when it rolled down the hill. He retrieved the lens and lucky, it was not damaged. Thank you very much, David I am very grateful.
— Ben (Death Valley, December 2015)
I cannot say enough good things about my experience in Death Valley with David shooting landscapes. From day one I was reminded that, in addition to all the technical details, it is really all about being at the right place at the right time. It was obvious to me that David had spent a great deal of time in the field researching location and timing. It payed off in a big way as our class was exposed to some really wonderful moments of place and light that bordered on magical. I also learned that getting to that magical moment isn’t always easy. It may require getting up at 3:00 in the morning, driving on dirt roads for an hour or more and setting up in the cold and dark, to be at that special place at sunrise. But the rewards are there and the experiences will remain with me for a lifetime.
— Jim (Death Valley, December 2015)
Over the last two years, it has been my great pleasure to participate in several of David’s photography trips. I’ve been to the Tetons for night photography, the San Juan’s for fall colors, Whitepocket/Paria Canyon/Buckskin Gulch with car camping and, most recently, a backpacking trip to Blue Lakes, Colorado. If I had the time and opportunity, I would, easily, work with David once a month. Should anyone have any interest in photography in the West, I can recommend him with no reservations whatsoever.

What I most admire and appreciate about David is his thorough and thoughtful preparation. When we met in the Tetons, he’d already spent weeks in the area on his own exploring and hiking and scouting locations for night photography. Similarly, he’d already backpacked into Blue Lakes before we went with him. He knew what to expect and where and when to look for the best opportunities in that location at that time of the year. The same was true of the trips to the San Juans and the Whitepocket area.

I’ve observed David work comfortably with other members of these tours providing both technical ideas regarding capturing an image as well as aesthetic suggestions to others for their images. During the daytime in the Tetons and the San Juans, that is, those locations where we had electricity and roofs over our heads, he presented his approach to post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop that offered me ideas I’d never considered before. It is easy for me to imagine going to a post processing workshop for nature photography with David for several days. I would jump at the chance to learn just that part of the photography experience.

I hope to be able to join him on his trip to Zion National Park in the fall and would be thrilled to go to Death Valley with him, though my schedule probably won’t allow it for over a year. He’s spent a lot of time in Death Valley and found locations that are not likely to be on more usual tours there. I’ve truly admired his work from Death Valley.

Lastly, David is a good cook. He prepared three dinners from scratch each evening on the Whitepocket/Paria Canyon/Buckskin Gulch trip. His pork chops with sweet potatoes and apple chutney was a memorable meal. One I’d be happy to have again, camping or at home.

If you are thinking about a photography trip in the West, it’s hard for me to imagine anyone could offer more than David.
— Mark (Tetons, Colorado Fall, Paria, Blue Lakes, 2014-2015)
David is exceptionally knowledgeable; he will take you to the right places at the right time, and that is probably the most important factor in photography. He is also one of the nicest persons. He also provides transportation during the workshop which is great; it’s nice not having to drive everywhere myself. Thank you!
— Arme (Colorado Fall, 2015)
Aside from all the wonderful technical post-processing learning, the access to the the most beautiful places to shoot and the experience of being out in amazingly dark skies, I’d say the best thing about David’s workshop is his total and utter commitment to his students’ learning. I felt throughout the workshop - in the field and in the classroom - that every person’s enjoyment and learning were his #1 concern. Also, the man has the patience of a saint - a great quality in a teacher.
— Sandra (Arches, 2014)
Anyone can host a class to talk about photography skills, but only a few can actually teach. David does both very well. His extensive knowledge allowed him to handle just about any question I threw at him. I really appreciated being able to explore a little while we were on location instead of it being like a tour not deviating from the purpose.

The best part about David’s class is that he is very patient and in no way arrogant. No matter how insignificant my question seemed to me he was always courteous and helpful in his responses. His scouting was top notch. Every stop was amazing.

One last thing that really stood out was that even after the class was done, days after, he still would help me with little items on processing. He could have simply ignored me, but he took his time to drop tidbits of info here and there. Very much appreciated.

I would definitely do another class to learn more.
— Bobby
David’s Arches Night Photography workshop was exceptional! David was so generous in sharing his expertise with the entire group ; no question went unanswered! He also did a suburb job teaching his skills both in the field and classroom setting.
— Connie
I found David to be a very competent, giving individual, not holding back on sharing all he knew about Night Photography, which is substantial. His knowledge was vast and he communicated it in a clear, precise and logical manner, both in the field and in the classroom/post-processing portion of the workshop. If you are looking for a great teacher to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your own nightscape photography, look no further.
— Dennis
When signing up for a workshop with an instructor that is unknown to you, it is difficult to imagine what you might find. I had seen David’s work, and was impressed enough to take a chance on the man. BEST. DECISION, EVER. I learned more about astrophotography in the 3 days of this workshop than in the previous 3 years of trying to muddle through on my own. David covered every aspect from scouting and preparation, to shooting, to the all important post-production. Beyond that, he made all of us realize that we gained a lifetime resource. He holds absolutely nothing in reserve; if he knows it (and he does), he will share it. If you are interested in night photography, please, do yourself a favor, and take one of this man’s workshops.
— Michael
I came into David’s workshop knowing quite a bit about night photography. I wanted to take a workshop with someone who didn’t mind sharing everything they know. That’s where David comes in.

I have learned so much from David. From the little tricks in the field, to post processing. David does a great job at balancing all skill levels, giving everyone individual attention.

Not only did I meet some great people but I feel like I’ve made some life long friends.
— Jess
David’s workshop at Devils Tower was exactly what I needed to take my night sky photography skills to the level. I learned a ton about scouting, planning, gear, software tools, and post processing. The location was amazing, and I came away with the best night sky shots I’ve ever taken. If you have any interest in this kind of photography, save yourself the trouble and just do one of these workshops. You’ll be glad you did.
— Bill
Dave has the unique skill to get you out of your comfort zone and learn new things. He’s the Yoda of Photography...which would be appropriate for his star photography. He’ll get you to unlearn what you have learned and develop you into a better, well-rounded photographer. I also appreciated that Dave never assumed you knew something. He took the time to explain things just in case. He’s a great teacher!
— Barry
I am extremely pleased with David’s workshop and would recommend his instruction to anyone interested in night photography. Every part of the class is very well laid out and David does a great job spending time with each student throughout the duration of the workshop.
— Ben
I learned so much in this workshop! This is going to take my night photography to a whole new level! David was flexible in his teaching and scheduling to accommodate both the group and the weather; he gave LOTS of one-on-one instruction both in the field and in the classroom! David is an exceptional photographer with an ability to pass his knowledge along to others! I would defintely take another one of his workshops!
— Alena
This was an amazing class. I learned a lot about night photography and post processing. David is talented, willing to share his knowledge and very patient. The location was great. Thanks for a fun, informative experience.
— Denise
David was a great teacher, able to bridge the skill levels of all the students. He lead us through the processes needed to successful astrophotography. He also went over many tools need to plan a night time shoot. From finding dark skies, knowing if the moon is to bright and location scouting. I would recommend his workshop to anyone looking to get into night time photography or someone looking to improve their skills and go to the next level.
— Jerry
David promises to teach his students everything he knows about night photography, nothing is off limits and he delivers. Ask any question and he will give you a straight answer and teach you how to do it. His post-processing classroom teaching is great.
— Steve
I am a professional wedding photographer, and my husband is a hobbyist landscape photographer. We took this course together as something special that we could learn together. It amazed me how well David’s workshop fit both of us: plenty of technical tips and tricks, but enough explanation and examples that my husband had no problem following it. David’s knowledge of both Canon and Nikon, and what needed to happen for good nighttime images absolutely blew us away. The examples were inspiring, and we truly enjoyed the ‘workshop’ portion every bit as much as the ‘field trip’ portion. Not only did we get some very neat images as a reminder of the adventure, but it was amazing to just get to SEE the milky way, when neither of us normally would know how to find it, or what to look for. David helped us to have an adventure, and to give us something that we can do together for years to come!
— Meghan
I had a great time and learned a lot attending one of David’s Rocky Mountain workshops. He shares information about scouting, camera setup and technique, and many specifics on post processing. David is very familiar with the area and where to get some great night photographs. He has a relaxed personality and it is easy to speak with him about photography.

— Dan
If you are an advanced landscape photographer looking to quickly jump-start your night sky photography, then I highly recommend David’s program. It takes the guesswork out of taking great photos of the Milky Way, star trails, and the night sky.

From advanced planning techniques and tools, great selection of accessible locations, excellent recommendations on equipment and software, classroom training and field work on an end-to-end workflow from camera settings to advanced post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop, and just the wealth of knowledge and experience that he freely shares, the program is an amazing value for the money!
— John
David is an extremely talented photographer so I knew I was learning from a professional. He picks the best locations, helps with composition and in-the-field techniques. Learning David’s processing workflow was very valuable and will help me refine my own process to create better images.
— Jason
I got to the workshop with a very basic knowledge about night photography ... what i leaned in these 3 days was far more than what i have read on the inernet in 6 months. but the most valuable thing I learned is how to prepare for the night shot ... from scouting, weather check, milkyway position and time of rise and set ..etc it was amazing and worth every penny spent.
— Mohamed
Great course. David is a laid back guy. Easy to talk to and approach. He is very helpful and will show you things about your camera if you do not know. Knows his subject very well. Would not hesitate to take another course from him and I hope to do this soon.
— Scott
A number of years ago, I was lucky enough to study guitar with one of the best guitarists in the world. (Bear with me for a second.) So I’m trying to drain all the information I can from this guy and out of left field he says, ‘There are more important things than being a good guitar player.’ I was STUNNED! ‘HUH?? Like what??’ He replied, ‘Like being a good person.’

David Kingham is a good person.

All anyone has to do is look at his work and they can see what a wonderful photographer he is. What you don’t see is what a great teacher he is.

I am a teacher by profession and one thing I’ve learned is that a person can have all the knowledge in the world but that doesn’t mean s/he can teach it.

Not so with David. He has his material well organized and laid out so that each step makes sense as you go along.

I went into this class with no knowledge of Night Landscape Photography and learned EXACTLY what I wanted to learn.

If you’re thinking about taking one of David’s workshops, do it. It will be worth it. I traveled half way around the world to do it. You will ‘GET IT.’

Do it!!
— Michael
“It was a honor and a pleasure to be a part of the Arches Workshop. Excellent instruction from a proven professional, that is as down to earth as the guy next door. Vast amounts of information was placed before us in a easy to understand format and was explained piece by piece so that everyone followed along. David Kingham you are the Master, I strive to achieve half your knowledge and abilities. It was a honor to attend your workshop and you have helped me to be far better than I was prior to. I will recommend your workshops to everyone I know interested in shooting the night sky.
— Ryan