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Landscape Photography Workshops

Landscape photography Workshops, Tours, Courses, Seminars, and Training lead by David Kingham and Jennifer Renwick. Workshops are based out of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, Wyoming, and Montana.



New post processing video release

hard sun post processing video

All new two-hour long video that is our most in-depth yet! David takes you through his entire workflow, from what he was thinking in the field, to web and print sharpening. This video is jammed full of information with no fluff.


We are not in this to extend our portfolio or get a free paid trip, we visit and explore the areas we teach workshops in regularly. This is not a vacation for us, we are on the road full time and spend plenty of time in these areas on our own.

Early on in the workshop we will not photograph at all, our focus is on you and your learning, we will not run off to make our own photographs. As the workshop progresses, we will take a few photos in a limited manner, this is so you can see how we approach a scene, and create comradery with the group, our focus will always remain with you.

Above all, we want this to be a fun experience for you, with our small group size we get to know our clients very well, and we feel like they are part of our extended family. We do this for the love of photography, there is nothing that gives us greater joy than seeing our clients grow and find their artistic vision.

Current Schedule

Blue Lakes Square

Blue Lakes

July 13-16, 2017

ice lakes backpacking workshop

Ice Lakes

August 3-6, 2017

Autumn Cornucopia

Colorado Fall

Sept 30 - Oct 4, 2017

vermilion cliffs workshop

Vermilion Cliffs

October 20-23, 2017

slot canyon workshop

Southwest Slot Canyons

November 7-12, 2017

Death Valley

December 13-17, 2017



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About Us

David Kingham and Jennifer Renwick have a mutual love for photography, they travel full time in an RV exploring the American West. They spend their days exploring the mountains and deserts to find unique locations that they share with their clients on workshops.